1. How does Wireless Hometown's wireless Internet work?
Wireless Hometown uses a state-of-the-art wireless subscriber module/modem that can be plugged into a desktop computer, laptop or wireless network. It works by transmitting signals to and from towers instead of using a traditional telephone line. The signal comes to your home digitally encoded, totally secure and is not impacted by the weather.

2. What would impact my ability to receive a Wireless Hometown signal at my home or business?
You must be within the Wireless Hometown service area to receive a signal. It is possible to be within our coverage but not receive a signal due to unusual terrain features. An example of a marginal case would be a house located in a deep valley in which the signal would overshoot your home or surrounded by extremely dense foliage which the signal could not penetrate. In marginal cases a technician will be dispatched to test the signal at your home or business prior to installing your Wireless Hometown Internet service. A signal check is a complimentary service Wireless Hometown performs for prospective  customers.

Also, since a radio frequency signal is transmitted in an up and down motion, it is  possible to experience a "bounce." A bounce is like a false positive result on a test. It is possible to get a good signal at your home or business during a signal check by a Wireless Hometown technician but not be able to get a signal at all at a later time. This is an unfortunate event and does not happen often.

3. How secure is your wireless Internet signal?
Wireless Hometown uses ODFM transmission protocol, featuring a design that encrypts secure wireless data transmission. Your data is encrypted with over-the-air DES encryption.

4. Is there an upload and download data allowance?
No. You can upload and download as much data as you wish, any time of the day or night and your monthly service plan price will not change.

5. How is my Internet speed determined?
The speed of your Internet connection is determined by the service plan you subscribe to. Wireless Hometown offers several different service plans, each with throughputs and speeds designed to match your needs. The speed of your Internet connection can fluctuate for various reasons. See FAQ #6. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed.

6. What type of things can affect my Internet speed?

Upload and download speeds will vary based on a number of factors. The number of users on your connection, network congestion, the Website you are accessing and the configuration of your computer can reduce your speed.

7. What is webmail?

Webmail allows you to access your personal email mailbox anywhere in the world - from any computer. By opening a web browser ( like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) you can access your online email, address book and personal contacts. Wireless Hometown provides free Webmail for all accounts which can be accessed at: 

8. How can I get service?
Give us a call at our office located in LaGrange, GA at (706) 884-4661 and we will be happy to discuss what our service includes or access our website at                                                                                                               

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