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October 2015
Fall is definitely in the air! Cool, crisp mornings are so refreshing. Charlie, my shih tzu, and I go for a short walk every morning before work and we are loving this weather. 
When I was young, summer was my favorite season. Suntanning by the pool or beach was the perfect summer day. Now that I am much older, I just cannot take the heat. Spring brings on my allergies although I think it is the prettiest season as the flowers and trees begin to bloom. Winter is not good for my old bones. The cold makes them snap, crackle and pop more that usual. So, Fall has become my favorite season. Football, leaves turning glorious shades of yellow, orange and red, sleeping with the windows up, and sipping hot chocolate be the fire is what Fall is made for. I hope everyone is enjoying this season as much as I am. The only thing we need now is a spicy, hot bowl of chili!

*See my recipes tab for a great recipe for chili.

Happy Fall Y'all.