Billing Procedure Update

- In order to avoid an increase in your monthly service plan we have elected to implement an electronic billing system. In the past, we have invoiced you monthly via the US Postal Service.  Effective November 1, 2013, all customers will begin receiving their statement via e-mail. We will no longer mail a paper bill to customers. 

To implement this change and insure the transition is as painless as possible, we need your assistance. Every Wireless Hometown customer must call our office upon receipt of this notice with the following information:

1.  Current Phone Number – Many of us have disconnected our land line phones and are using cell phones. Please call to insure we have that number in our system.

2.  Preferred Email Address – We realize some customers prefer to receive information at their Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account. Not a problem, please call to insure we have that email in our system.

3.  Current Credit Card – if you pay by credit card the billing change will not affect you. However, please call to insure we have current credit card info in our system.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this request regarding the change in our billing procedure. Failure to contact us with the above information within 10 days will result in an interruption of service and late fees assessed to your account. If your account is disabled due to a past due balance, there will be a $30.00charge to reactivate your account.

There will be a $5.00 monthly charge added to your account if you prefer to receive a paper bill via the USPS.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - To better serve you Wireless Hometown has made the decision to handle technical issues in house. Beginning December 1, 2013 the phone number for technical assistance will be our local office number – (706) 884-4661. Our current Technical Help Desk number (866-678-3802) will no longer be valid.

We thank you for choosing Wireless Hometown as your Internet service provider and supporting our local economy. Please call us with any questions or concerns you have.